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Higher Education in Singapore

Higher Education in Singapore

Singapore is an emerging hub of higher education with its world-renowned quality universities and colleges which are well-presented in major university ranking systems. Not only are the universities here rank high due to their proven track record, but Singapore itself is on top of student satisfaction and global reputation.

The country's highest ranking institution, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is not only the highest ranked in the country and Asia, but it is also listed as the top 11 universities in the QS World University Ranking 2018. National University of Singapore (NUS) is also not far behind at Top 15.

Higher Education Institutions in Singapore

The higher education system in Singapore offers a range of different educational profiles and degrees. Below are the kinds of higher education institutions available in Singapore:

Public Universities

Funded by the government, and open to local and international students.

Although receives government funding, these universities are autonomous – meaning the can strategise, innovate, and differentiate themselves, as they pursue excellence in education, research, and service.

Private Universities

Although privately funded, this institution receives government funding for students to pursue subsidised part-time or full-time degree.

Polytechnic Institutions

Offers practice-oriented studies at diploma level.

Key providers of continuing education and post-employment professional development services.

Institute of Technical Education (ITE)

The ITEs Offers technical-oriented studies and develops technical knowledge and skills of the students. Students will have the option of choosing between full or part-time educational or traineeship courses.

Foreign Universities

Offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees offered by the foreign universities with branch campuses in Singapore.

Art Schools

Specialised schools that offer specialist creative education to enhance your artistic ability. Offer diploma as well as degree courses.

Pathway to Studying in Singapore

The length of your study depends on the path you wish to take. Here are a basic path and length of study in Singapore.

Top Institutions in Singapore

While only two Singaporean universities appear in the QS World Rankings’ top 15, the rest of the universities listed below remain exceptional within the country as well.

After Study Opportunities in Singapore

Options are plenty for those who have just completed a degree in Singapore. Although getting a job in Singapore is not as easy as what it may seem, the country does have a high demand for excellent foreign talent in certain fields.

If you wish to stay in Singapore, you will need to check your visa requirements. You may visit the ICA – Immigration & Checkpoints Authority website to see your visa options.