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Preparatory Department

Crash courses for entering Russian universities.

One of the advantages of higher education in Russia is that one can start studying at a university not knowing the Russian language. Before commencing a bachelor or master programme, one can invest a year in a foundation course at a preparatory department for foreigners. An intensive programme of the Russian language, (usually, 4-6 hours per day) a foundation year entails can equip you for further studies in Russian. Moreover, enrollees will study subjects such as Math, Physics, Biology etc. that is needed for entrance exams. You can easily do a foundation year at one Russian university and then apply to any other one.

A foundation year will help you to:

Master enough Russian to study at a Russian university.

Get a certificate that confirms your level of Russian

Brush up your knowledge of exam subjects

Learn Russian traditions and adapt to the new lifestyle.

Most foundation courses are fee-based. Use our search engine to select a foundation course that works for you and contact programme managers for any additional information. Next, create a personal account and send your application to the chosen university. Students who received Russian government scholarship can study at the preparatory department for free if they do not know Russian language enough for study in their chosen subject.