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Applying to Study in Malaysia

Applying to Study in Malaysia

A. Language Requirements

Should you wish to study in Malaysia, you must be able to speak English as courses will be taught in this language. Some universities also require you to take an English proficiency test like TOEFL or IETLS, which you can take in your home country.

Take Note!

  • Don’t worry if your English is not so good yet. Most colleges in Malaysia offer English proficiency classes to improve your English further. Besides, there is no better way to learn a language than to be surrounded by English speakers at your Malaysian University.
  • Universities in Malaysia generally do not require international students to make any admission tests. You can apply using your high school diploma/certificate and recommendation letter.

B. Visa Requirements

There are a few more things you have to take care of to become a student in Malaysia. To enter Malaysia as an international student, you must first choose a course and institutions you would like to study in Malaysia. Their requirements vary, so be sure to check first before you apply.

Your University is required to submit some relevant documents to apply for your Student Pass. The documents they will request are:

  • An official letter of acceptance from your University
  • A filled in Student Application form
  • Three photos of you, passport-sized
  • Two photocopies of your passport
  • A copy of your medical health examination report

Evidence that you are financially stable enough to pay for your education and cost of living A Personal Bond which has been signed by your University, you will have to pay for the document fee (between RM 200 and 2,000, depends on which country you are from).

Once your application to study at the university is accepted, the university will apply for a student pass for you. The immigration will look at this application and will send you Student Pass approval letter.

With this letter you are ready to get on a plane towards Malaysia, but before you do send your university the details of your flight.

A representative of your university will be waiting for you at the immigration check-point at the airport in Malaysia. There you will be given a Visa which will be valid for six months.

The immigration department will also issue you a Special Pass which you need to receive your Student Pass. Within two weeks after arrival, you can visit the nearest Immigration Department to receive your Student Pass.

This might all seem a bit complicated, but don’t worry, your university will guide you through this whole process and make sure you will not miss any steps.

Tuition Fees

Choosing Malaysia’s Education system is a top choice which many international students have made before you as universities in Malaysia are reputable, and tuition fees are low.

For most international students, tuition fees are the biggest concern. To give you a general idea of the tuition fees of Malaysian Universities you can see the ranges per level below.

Study level Annual tuition fee in USD
Foundation / Pre-U 2,000 - 5,750
Diploma 1,500 - 7,500
Bachelor's Degree 2,250 - 10,000
Master's Degree 3,250 - 10,000

Our only goal is to help you find the study and university which fits you best, look around at our website and compare universities and courses with each other and apply for more information. To continue your future studies abroad is a big step, we know that all too well, that is why we are here to help you with this process. You, too, can study in Malaysia!