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Who We Are

SHAKYA FOREIGN EDUCATIONAL SERVICE PVT. LTD, established in 2014, is one of the most trusted names in the field of overseas education in Sri Lanka.

We help more students every year to pursue higher education overseas and we are motivated by our core values of knowledge experience and our ethics in the educational field.

Our expertise in the field of overseas education has made us a time-tested resource in helping so many students to gain admission for recognized Universities, Colleges, and privet institutes Mainly in Japan, Malaysia, USA, Korea, New Zealand.

Our main ambition is to mainly find the suitable course for all our students in many top Colleges and Universities around the world. We provide NAT/JLPT/IELTS Support for all our students. Our educational consultant team of thorough professionals and pay minute and individualized attention to every student as we believe each student is unique with their own background of strengths, requirements and ambitions. Our outstanding success rate of 100% which access has been posting every year attest to the high levels of professionalism; our students are not just statistics or just a case to us. At SHAKYA FOREIGN EDUCATIONAL SERVICE Pvt. Ltd. we work as committed facilitators who build bridges between aspirations and achievements for our clients through our history.



"People all over the world become closer than ever before. Learning a new language enriches your life in so many ways. Learn the languageof the countries making it easier to build trust relationships and helping them to understand how people think. So, it is absolutely essential to educate different languages to face the developing world day by day. We are already well acquainted with English in addition to our own. As a third language, I think the Japanese language is the best language for Sri Lankans. From that day onwards, there have been good relations between Sri Lanka and Japan. Sri Lankan students are willing to go to Japan to study because of high levels of vocational training colleges and universities in Japan. The most important thing is knowing the basic Japanese language, culture, and values of Japan before entering to Japan. Therefore, we hope to help Sri Lankan students to learn Japanese language, values, and culture. The students who want to learn the Japanese language further, we would like to help them to find the best Japanese language school in Japan. We will hope to expand our school assets and facilities in order to create the best students who want to win future world."

- Malith Gunawardana (B.Sc / Dip In Electrical Engineering (City & Guilds))



K.H. Harshika is an entrepreneur with long standing history of business ventures coupled with vast knowledge, experience and exposures. She is also a pioneer in foreign education venture. holds the position as the Director of ‘SHAKYA Foreign Educational (Pvt) Ltd’ that is situated in Galle, south of Sri Lanka. Her belief in investing in a good education has been shared with the community whereby she mentors and monitors the youth. Coming from a background of Human Resource (HR) Management herself, her knowledge of recruitment into various industries are sorted out by the faculty of students who stands to gain an added advantage in securing solid career.

Harshika contributes and plays a prominent role in the running of the business of Ceylonads.lk which is an online e-commerce based business venture that stipulates online advertisement all around the island facilitating all sellers and buyers to interact through the site that acts as a common platform. . She holds the title as the Director of Ceylonads.lk. with a charming personality and good understanding of people she has always been a popular choice of person to be approached by any that seek the service.

-KH Harshika (Director)


Increase the assets and facilities of schools for the make our students more comfortable

To build good reputation in the field

To research new ways to teach Japanese language better

Expand the opportunity to learn Japanese language further


Being the best Japanese language school in Sri Lanka through the creation of a well educated Sri Lankan students on the Japanese language not only with the knowledge but also in the culture and values of Japan

the mission

To provide the high quality and the most effective Japanese language courses

Create well educated student who is not only restricted to educate but also values and the culture of Japan

The vision

Create fluent Japanese speakers and writers in Sri Lanka expand the opportunity to learn Japanese son a third language in Sri Lanka to face developing word more and more

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